Short Legal Group


 emphasis on SERVICING entertainment and 

technology companies

Practice Areas

  • Mediation Services:

    • Focus on inter company disputes and start-up partner disputes

    • Represents the organization to ensure un-biased advice with the goal of finding a suitable path forward for all parties

  • Transactional:

    • Corporate Contract Negotiation and Drafting

      • Purchase Contracts

      • Vendor Contract Negotiation and Drafting

    • Corporate Contract Enforcement

      • Purchase Contracts Enforcement

      • Vendor Contract Enforcement

  • Technology

    • Intellectual Property Protection and Negotiation of Contracts

    • Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory ("RAND") Licensing Terms 

    • Open Source Software Licenses

    • Patent and Copyright Licensing Contracts

  • Trademark 

    • Trademark Registration Management

    • Trademark Enforcement

  • Litigation

    • Litigation Defense Management and Outside Counsel Management Services

    • Litigation Avoidance Counsel and Best Practices Advisement