focus on representing businesses to help them achieve their goals and to resolve conflicts

Comprehensive legal support you and your company can trust.


Our legal team has built a reputation based on large firm and in-house transactional and litigation experience to provide comprehensive coverage of all of your legal needs.  

Short Legal Group specializes in corporate contract negotiation and enforcement.  Emphasis is put on experience as technology contract and licensing for mid to large businesses drawing on experience negotiating contracts with legal teams at Fortune 500 companies.


With experience especially in helping technology companies get off the ground, Short Legal Group will act as your one-stop-shop to navigate all of your legal needs.   

We serve a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is valued greatly and treated with dignity and respect. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise.


2004-2007: DYKEMA GOSSETT, Los Angeles; Dean spent three years in downtown Los Angeles at Dykema, a multi national law firm focused on representation of Fortune 500 companies in a joint transaction/litigation practice.

2007-2011: TUCKER ELLIS, Los Angeles; Dean spent four years working with in-house counsel and representations multi-national corporations with emphasis on litigation and gained valuable trial experience and acted as lead counsel handling complex lawsuits.

2011-2016: TOSHIBA CORPORATION, Irvine; Dean spent nearly six years at Toshiba focusing on corporate contract negotiation and licensing of Toshiba's intellectual property through complex technology licensing agreement.  Dean acted as Toshiba's Senior Corporate Counsel and traveled often to Tokyo, to Toshiba's headquarters to represent Toshiba in negotiation with other major international companies.

Our Mission

 To Kickstart Your Growing Business By Bringing You into Compliance

Short Legal Group will work as the entities' counsel to protect your emerging and evolving business by getting your legal documents in order.


02. Legal Maintenance Services

Establish corporate documentation and agreements among partners in order to facilitate business objectives and to thwart future disputes


03. Contract Negotiation, Drafting, 
Enforcement and Mediation

Short Legal Group can provide one-off contract negotiation, drafting and enforcement all on your behalf.  Short Legal Group will meet with you to establish your goals for the contract, the leverage points and then reduce the contract to writing and get the deal done with your approval at each crucial step along the way, meanwhile you can focus on doing what you do best, getting back to business and leaving the legal details to us.

About Us

 Dean E. Short

Dean Short has experience in transactional drafting and negotiating complex contracts and license agreements on behalf of major corporations and small to mid-sized businesses.  Dean also has a litigation background to advise clients how to successfully manage and avoid litigation.

Short Legal Group